Goh Liu Ying Malaysian Female Badminton Player Scandal

Interesting post from the wife of the guy she accused to have an affair with:

I keep calm for a long time, and decided to write this article.

Miss Goh Liu Ying, you representing Malaysia as a badminton player, a public figure in Malaysia, why you choose to have an affair with a guy that already have family and children. I understand you are lonely, but on the planet of earth, there was so many guys, why must you choose him?

Everything start from 23th May, finally I have all the evident and told him that I know he having affairs with you, at the end he choose to breakup with you by sending you the Wechat message, but you never give up wanted to see him. 7th June, I have enough with all this nonsense, so I called you through phone, and you told me you are innocent, he the one who told you that he don’t have feeling for me anymore, so that’s the reason why you be with him. Fine, I choose to forgive you because I know you also one of the victims in this case. But after all the conversation, when he call you, you cry so hard told him that I purposely call you, scold you like a dog, scold you that you are a mistress. From there I know, your outlook might be innocent, but deep inside your heart, you are so dark and evil. You also keep posting on Instagram how sad you are, post all the sad song on your story. I know you purposely to post it for me and him to look into it.

You continue never give up to date him out, finally on 26th June Friday, he willing to meet you, and you so ego to text me to challenge me, told me that he miss you so much, wanted to see you badly, that’s why both of you seeing each other in Korean BBQ Restaurant, after send me all the details, and make sure I see it, you pull back and delete all the conversation. You so Top! I end up there, that’s how I took your picture in Korean BBQ restaurant. On that day your direct block me from Instagram (I thought you never knew about me). Now, I decided to stand out pointing at you, because I’m not sure in future, will you destroy others family, because you so proud that you are a KOL that knew so many Dato & Tan Sri.

Since you love my man so much, I will give him to you, because I believe you won’t be the last women in his life, I give both of you my blessings, and please get out from my way.

The wife:

The husband:

Goh Liu Ying:

She is not a homewrecker but we do have a batch of uncensored pictures and sensitive information for our VIP members. Way to go Malaysia Badminton Player!

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